Welcome to Dogtooth Construction in Golden, BC

Established in 2002, Dogtooth Construction comprises of over thirty year round employees and has continually prided itself on building high-end custom homes in the Golden area. The team at Dogtooth has an unprecedented passion and expertise for helping you achieve your vision, all while respecting your budget – and with our build count exceeding one hundred and fifty homes it is no surprise that the Dogtooth team is widely regarded as the most outstanding in town.

Mike Burns of Dogtooth Construction is as honest a person and homebuilder you’ll ever find. He truly is a 6-star builder in a 5-star world.

Not only was our house finished on time and budget, Mike and his crew managed to add some “well if it was my house, here’s what I would do” tweaks to our original plan that showed they really did care about building the best house possible for us. For that and the friendship we have maintained ever since, we are truly grateful.

Every time someone asks us what its like to work with Dogtooth, we tell them, “You’ll get much more than you expect”.


My wife and I used Dogtooth for the construction of three individual lodges.  Mike was exceptionally helpful through the design and build stages and has continued to offer advice and support for ongoing improvements and maintenance. During the build process Dogtooth delivered on time, and on budget.  It was for these reasons that we re-hired Mike and his team each time we started a new lodge build. We continue to use Dogtooth for construction projects we have and would recommend them to anyone.

Dave Best, Mount 7 Lodges

Dogtooth Construction delivered our custom home on time and under budget as detailed in budget and forecast reviews with Mike and his team which is amazing in this day and age.

Dogtooth Construction are a fully integrated custom home builder and not many people know they’re equipped with a large cabinet making workshop that has the ability to tackle any sized project. Having built and purchased many homes in Western Canada the Dogtooth team are the most highly skilled , hard working and detailed orientated individuals I’ve encountered and they are a credit to themselves the industry, Golden community and Canadian construction.

For our family home they built the entire house including all the custom cabinetry. Exceptional!

James Edmonds

At the end of it all, we gained new friends at Dogtooth, Mike and family and the employees. We ended up with the cabin of our dreams, every idea we had Dogtooth was able to put into reality. Visitors walk into the back door of the cabin and just stand in awe, it happens all the time. We and Dogtooth successfully implemented ideas, finishing, design and processes not so easily accomplished or seen. A Company to have the fortitude, patience to see this to fruition. Construction can be painful and get worse from there. This one was all good, from start to quick finish, no worries.

Blaine Sawchuck

Happy Easter from all of us at Dogtooth! We hope that everyone has a great long weekend!

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Did you know that we are also able to provide landscaping services for your new home, renovation or commercial build?
From rock walls, to gardens our team can create a work of art that will not only thrive in our mountain climate, but highlight every aspect of your unique property.

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It’s March! For us as well as some of our clients March is an exciting month; the plans that have been taking shape over the winter will finally start coming to life and some families dream homes will soon begin the process of being built.
We can’t wait to see all of this years builds take shape, as well as see the unique aspects and personal touches that each family adds to their custom home.

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