Dogtooth Platinum Services

Dogtooth Platinum provides concept-to-completion project management and support for the building project of your dreams, whether it is a high-end renovation, a custom addition, or a traditional, timber frame, or log resort home.

All projects start with meeting owner Mike Burns for a design consultation that explores the common ground between your dream project and the resources available. Your design will incorporate details and features that define your style and interests, while respecting your time and budget framework.

Let Dogtooth Platinum take care of all the details, from initial design to the final landscaping touches. Make your dreams a reality, on-time and on-budget.

Design Consultation

Mike Burns is an expert at planning for projects to ensure the best possible outcome. On-site consultations efficiently navigate considerations such as where your new home will be placed on a lot, what design features will help meet your goals, what finish options are feasible, and how the process can be tailored to meet your overall budget.

Financial Planning and Time Management

Dogtooth Platinum provides the homeowner with a timeline that lists the major milestones during each phase of construction. Our proven track record of meeting projected costs and deadlines simplifies your financial planning duties.

Permits, Warranty, Inspections

Dogtooth Construction takes care of permits and inspections so you don’t have to:

  • A geotechnical engineer will complete a report of the property.
  • The project will be registered with Pacific Home Warranty as well as The Home Owner Protection Office (HPO).
  • Building permits are arranged as necessary.
  • Municipal projects have a minimum of 5 inspections by a municipal inspector.
  • Assessments are conducted out by a Pacific Home Warranty inspector, a geotechnical engineer, and a structural engineer throughout the project.

Custom Timber Frame and Wood Products

Dogtooth Platinum has long standing relationships with local sawmills that can produce custom log home and timber frame products. Additionally, our specialty timber tools enable us to build custom creations such as timber frame accents, one-of-a-kind stairways and railings, and custom furniture, which add unique handmade accents and features to the finish of your home.


Showcase your new home or completed renovation with finishing touches, such as landscaped gardens, plush lawns, decorative rock walls or pavestone driveways and walkways. Our team is well versed in the mountain landscaping environment and will create a work of art that suits your property and reflects your style.

Project Completion

No project is complete until you say it is complete! Dogtooth Platinum will join the homeowner for a final inspection to ensure that the work is complete and without defect. This is a chance for the homeowner to raise any final concerns about their renovation, addition, or new home, so they can be addressed before closing the project. We are committed to excellence, right to the end.